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About Us

Quantintell Partners is a financial engineering and advisory services firm, that offers a wide spectrum of services including financial risk management, treasury solutions, corporate finance, project management as well as corporate governance and compliance.  We also offer valuation and financial modelling training to the private and public sectors, including NGOs and other non-profit organisations, giving our clients a solid foundation in project finance modelling techniques.We further conduct financial model audits, applying rigorous quality control criteria to assess the robustness of our clients existing financial model, and recommending improvements where necessary.

Our transaction advisory services cover the entire range of activities related with the development and implementation of Private Public Partnership (PPP) projects, including screening and identification of bankable PPP projects, advice on commercial and financial structures, conducting detailed due diligence, preparation of bidding documents and project contracts. These cover transactions focusing on social and economic infrastructure across all economic sub-sectors such as agriculture, energy, health, transport and logistics and mining.

Moreover, we help our clients to make suitable investment decisions, to craft practical strategic plans, to carry out effective operational and business analysis, and to assist with fast and cost-effective financial transactions.   In addition to these services, we also assist with the marketing of projects to potential investors and lenders, in bid evaluation processes and the facilitation of financial closing.Quantintell Partners creates and maintains strong financial structures for projects, that compliments the strength our clients, whether you are a public sector procurer or a seasoned private sector investor. We serve fund managers, governments, corporates and other investors.